An article editor app that empowers you to communicate from your Shopify store

Rich articles with intuitive drag and drop operation

You can quickly create articles with an intuitive operation of dragging and dropping commonly used article parts prepared in advance into articles.

You can edit blogs, static pages, and product details

You can edit blog posts, pages, and product details for your online store. Unlimited articles!

Edit from your smartphone

It supports editing not only on PC but also on mobile terminals. No matter where you are, regardless of the situation, express yourself in your own style at your own timing.

What’s TUZURU ?

TUZURU Editor is a simple drag-and-drop block editor that can be used as an alternative to Shopify's standard rich text editor.

Let's write articles about various ideas, such as the appeal of your products and techniques that can be used more conveniently with a little ingenuity, and deliver them to many customers.

  • Create rich articles that support responsive layouts with intuitive drag and drop operations.
  • No professional coding skills or knowledge required.
  • Can edit all blog posts, pages and product details.
  • The number of articles you can create is unlimited even with the free plan!
  • An app that upgrades Shopify's standard rich text editor. Make no changes to the theme.
  • Can be used in combination with any theme or theme editor features.
  • It comes with a convenient "clipping function" that allows you to reuse the format of articles that you create repeatedly as an original template.
  • Supports editing operations from smartphones as well as PCs.
  • Management screen available in Japanese and English (Other languages will be supported sequentially)
  • Even if you don't like the app, the articles you created will not be lost even after uninstalling. Feel free to try it.

How to use TUZURU

Basic usage

Please log in to the Shopify store management screen and install TUZURU Editor in advance.

Operate as follows:

  1. Create the article you want to edit (online store page, blog post, or product information) in your Shopify dashboard.
  2. Log in to TUZURU Editor from the list of apps.
  3. Select the article you want to edit from the article list and press the "Edit" button.
  4. The article editing screen will open. Create articles with drag-and-drop editing.
  5. Click the "Save" button on the top right of the screen to save the article to Shopify.
  6. Return to your Shopify admin screens and you should see your rich text editor updated.

You can also open the article editing screen directly by clicking "TUZURU Editor" in the "Other operations" menu on the article editing screen in the Shopify management screen.

How to use the clipping function

The clipping function is a function that allows you to download a part of an article once created as a JSON file and use it to restore the same structure again.

It is convenient to use when creating a lot of articles and detailed product information in the same format, or when planning a series of blogs.

To clip an article, follow these steps:

  1. Open the article editing screen. (same procedure as basic operation)
  2. Select the article elements you want to output. If you select one article element and select other article elements in the same row while holding down the shift key, you can select multiple article elements at the same time.
  3. Click the Clipping button on the toolbar.
  4. A JSON file will download to your PC.

To restore the article element from the downloaded JSON file, drag and drop it to the position where you want to insert the JSON file.

Precautions for use

  • Articles created with TUZURU Editor can be re-edited with Shopify's standard rich text editor. Please note that block data in TUZURU Editor will be lost at this time.

Recommended environment

PC browser

  • Windows
    • Google Chrome (Latest)
    • Microsoft Edge (Latest)
    • Firefox (Latest)
  • macOS
    • Safari (Latest)
    • Google Chrome (Latest)
    • Firefox (Latest)

Smartphone browser

  • iOS
    • Safari + iOS 14 or later
  • Android
    • Chrome + Android 12 or later

Plans and prices

Free Plan


  • Easy drag and drop operation
  • Edit blog posts, static pages and product details
  • Number of articles: Unlimited
  • Number of saves: 5 times/day

Standard Plan

$ 48.00 / month

  • All features included in free plan
  • Number of saves: unlimited