Change log

Released February 8, 2023

  • Added "Banner" module.
  • Added "Tables" module.
  • Added 5/6 width in "grid" module.
  • Improved margin design in "Grid" module.
  • Improved module categorization and ordering
    • Moved "Heading" module to "Basic Module" and abolished "Heading" category.
    • Added invisible attribute to "Image Media" module.
    • Moved the "Notice" module to the newly created "Section" category and removed the "Notice" category.
    • Moved the "Block Quotation" module to the new "Sections" category.
    • Moved "Horizontal Line" module to new "Section" category.
    • Improved the order in the "Basic Modules" category.
  • Fixed 3/4 width not working in "Grid" module.
  • Fixed a bug that the module name was not displayed in the module description dialog.
  • Fixed a bug that the code sample displayed in the module description dialog did not fit in the screen.
  • Other minor fixes.

Released December 1, 2022

  • Initial release